All too often, buying or renting a home is a slow, draining and highly inefficient process.

At My Roof Real Estate Personal shopper, we focus 100% on client satisfaction. We work hard so that you can enjoy the experience of finding and purchasing your dream home in Madrid.

We understand your needs; we work only for you; and we give you the piece of mind you need to be sure that when the time comes, you choose the best option for you at the best price. That is why we don´t have a portfolio of properties for sale nor collaborate with real estate agencies. As we work exclusively for our clients, we avoid any conflicts of interest.

We carry out personalized and exhaustive searches using all our resources, having access and information about the entire supply of homes for sale in Madrid. We personally visit the properties and prepare reports of each visit with all relevant information, including important information regarding the negotiation of the purchase price.

We have all sorts of clients. We work with expatriates as well as people interested in moving to Madrid, property investors or anyone who wants to buy or rent a property in the capital. Our services span every kind of home and budget: from small purpose-built apartments to large luxury villas.

Our help will add a lot of value to the process: you will save time, money and frustrations.

Discover a new real estate philosophy.

Let us get started on the search to find your dream home. Contact us today, obligation free.



Initial interview

  • The first thing we do is to make an appointment with you to understand exactly what you are looking for. Once we have enough information to start the search, a commitment is signed to start the search.


Search for targets

  • We identify target homes that tick the boxes on your wish list, particularly in terms of: location, property type (flat, apartment, duplex, villa, townhouse, penthouse, etc.), size, facilities, condition, price, etc. We search through our databases, our network of contacts, real estate agencies, etc. But we don’t stop there. We walk the streets for you to find the property that best suits what you need.


We visit the properties and we prepare a report

  • We do a screening of the homes that best fit with what you are looking for and we visit them personally for you. We then prepare a report with detailed information of the properties visited attaching photos and/ or videos at the same time that we provide a description of the property and the area.



We visit the selected properties together with you 

  • Once you have made the selection of the properties that you want to visit, we will accompany you to make the visits.


We prepare a final report 

  • Our architect visit the final home or homes you like the best and prepare a technical report with the aim of identifying any major structural problems (cracks, lack of soundproofing, damp, quality of finishes, etc.) for your consideration and to verify the actual condition of the property.In addition, we review possible debt, embargoes or any other matter that may cause future complications in order to avoid them from the beginning.


We help you with the negotiation

  • With our extensive information-handling capacity and experience in the market, we help you when it comes to negotiating with the vendor of your future home, to make sure you secure the lowest price.


We help you with the after-sales formalities

  • We assist you in the after-sales process: changes in ownership of supply contracts, doubts you may have, and any other arrangements related to the post-sale.


In addition, we can put you in contact with our collaborators that provide, among others, the following services:


Quoting for and carrying out renovation work

  • Our partner company employs a team of professionals (builders, architects, decorators) with extensive experience when it comes to quoting for and carrying out any kind of renovation work that you may require.


Legal advice

  • Our legal specialists are on hand to offer you any legal advice that you may need during the purchase process: review of the sale and purchase contract, review of the “contrato de arras”, review of the “nota simple”, detection of unpaid community fees/taxes, etc.


We work exclusively for you as the client. We are at your side from the outset to help you find your dream home at the best price.

Servicio personalizado


You are unique, with your own requirements, preferences and desires. We work hard to understand and define what you are looking for. Your wishes become our own.

Ahorro de tiempo


We analyse, visit, compare and negotiate on your behalf, and are always willing to go that extra mile.

Seriedad e independencia


We are committed to the new real estate philosophy and as such, we work exclusively for buyers like you. We will never charge anything from any vendor or real estate agency: we do not want conflicts of interest and we work to reduce the purchase prices as much as possible, as opposed to the normal market practice.



Although we personalise all of our services, our approach is underpinned by the principles of: efficiency, transparency, professionalism and continuous communication with you.

Ahorro económico


Our methodology ensures you to buy at the lowest price possible.



Our fees reflect our philosophy: we charge based on the success of our search and your savings in the final purchase price.


Contact us and let us start the search together

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